Reconnecting with our Past

On October 27, The Rev. Canon Ginny Rex Day came to visit Trinity. She is the daughter of our former Rector Percy Rex, who served here at Trinity from 1943 – 1953. Ginny followed in her father’s footsteps and became a priest in the Bethlehem Diocese. Her traveling companion was a colleague and fellow Priest,  Andrew Gerns. Andrew’s family also attended Trinity and may have transferred to Good Shepherd in the early 1940’s. Ginny’s memories of Trinity go back to before we had the Trinity House. She remembered the Parish house being built. When she entered the feelings and memories came back to her.

She immediately went to the pulpit, and told us a story of her at four years old.  She ran up and hugged her father’s leg while Percy was preaching. Percy didn’t skip a beat and continued right on.


She also wanted to stand at the altar where her father served. Ginny looked us up on the internet and found our web site. She was so happy to see all the history and pictures included in the web site and commented that this was one of the best web site for a church that she has ever seen. She was impressed with our outreach and sense of community and said that Her Father would be very pleased and proud of Trinity today.

We looked at our church records, and old pictures from our archives. Andrew wanted to see if there were any records of his family in our record books. Ginny filled us in on life after Trinity when Percy accepted a position as Dean of the Cathedral, in Cleveland, Ohio. Ginny wanted to visit the rectory: the Rex family was among the first families to live there. She remembered every room, and how her sisters, who were married at Trinity, both had their wedding pictures taken on the stair case. She remembered playing in the front and back yards, and all the houses and neighbors. Earlier in the year, the Worcott Family visited us and we found out about how Nancy modeled for the painted panel of the alter in the All Saints Chapel.

God is working in, around and through us at all times. Trinity has always been and will always be a special place for many people. As Ginny left, I borrowed a line from The Rev Janet Watrous. She said that she will always feel like a “Daughter of Trinity”. I told Ginny that she is a daughter of Trinity as well, and will always be a part of us. It was a special blessing to share this experience with Ginny and Andrew.

Jeff Fellows


We have always been blessed with members of Trinity, no matter how far flung from here, fondly recalling their time at Trinity, and taking the opportunity to visit, when back in town for a visit. 2016 was no exception.