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Projects, outreach, love - that would be Trinity Memorial's Tuesday Group.

You couldn't meet a nicer group of ladies!

The Tuesday Group

Tuesday Group Love Shower

Help make it happen!

The Tuesday Group requests your help to give a LOVE SHOWER for Hope Teen Challenge Recovery Center in Vestal.  Each year during February, in the tradition of St. Valentine, the Tuesday Group demonstrates Trinity’s love for others in our local community, by collecting donations from our congregation to help young ladies less fortunate. 

This year they have targeted Hope Teen Challenge Recovery Center, drug rehab for young ladies in Vestal.  The staff there is elated by our proposal to help in this way.  They can use all kinds of hygiene products: shampoo, powder, cosmetics (for various races), lotions, wash cloths and towels, soaps. Also, each of the girls does chores, so they could also use cleaning products such as Pine Sol, Lysol, shower cleaner, etc. In addition, they could use plastic folders for their school and work papers.
The gifts will be wrapped by the Tuesday group on Tuesday, February 7, so please have all items in by Sunday, February 5.  
There will be a collection box in the Hoyt Room.

Lari Jo Vickrey, Chairperson

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