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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times.

Trinity Times

Trinity Forum

End of April 2017, and May 2017

Sunday, April 30 th , 11:30 am

“21st Century Taj Mahal - Bejeweled, Besieged, but not Bewildered”

Susan Sherwood, Director, Center for Technology & Innovation and Trinity member

A discussion of air pollution surrounding the Taj Mahal, reflecting on the challenges of protecting the environment in a rapidly expanding population and on the long-term ramifications of a monument protection strategy outlined two decades ago.

From 1977-1995, Ms. Sherwood directed the U. S. National Park Service research on acid rain impacts on historic buildings and statues, including a 1995 regional strategy to reduce pollution and enhance visitor experience at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. By 2005, air pollution had been cut in half. In today's India, continuing reduction in sulfur and nitrogen oxides (invisible gases) are not being matched by control of visible pollution (particles of various sizes).

Sunday, May 7 th , 11:30 am

“Twenty-five years of Educational Earthquake Programs”

Alan Jones, Research Scientist, Geology Department, Binghamton University

After his 26-year career at IBM, Alan Jones joined the Geology Department at Binghamton University where he began writing computer programs related to seismology. Two of these programs are in the Smithsonian and in several national park visitor centers.


The Seismic/Eruption program shows where and when earthquakes and

volcanic eruptions occur. CBS News has used the program on the air. The Seismic Waves program illustrates how waves that emanate from an earthquake propagate through the earth and across the surface of the earth. His most recent version of Seismic Waves runs on most computers, tablets, and smart phones.

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