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You are the Star


Coming this spring to Trinity Memorial will be the kick off of our Digital Photo Directory! What a great way to easily connect names and faces and be able to keep in touch with your Trinity Family.

On three Sundays, we will have on site photography provided by Jason Auman. In addition to being an outstanding tenor soloist for our church choir, Jason brings his years of experience to Trinity as a professional photographer. Jason is the man behind the camera for many of the beautiful pictures from CandleChant which have graced the pages of the Trinity Times over the past year and the background image on this web site.


  • Photos will be taken after the 10am services on April 30th, May 7th and May 14th in a private area of the Hoyt Room. There will be a photo opportunity scheduled after an 8am service as well – please watch for announcements! 


  • Fun & Creativity Encouraged! Bring meaningful items, instruments, sports equipment, special toy or book, etc.Invite others to pose with you, like extended family, friends or pet.


  • Provisions will be made for any shut-ins who wish to have their photo taken.


  • If you would like to submit your own photo (not larger than 10MB, please send your photo to: by May 20th.


The digital photo album will contain names of people & their photo only (no contact info) and will be accessed by a common password. We anticipate a September launch of the directory!

There is no sitting fee and no obligation to purchase. As portraits make wonderful gifts and treasured family keepsakes, feel free to speak with Jason about ordering additional photos.

To view Jason’s professional work go to: .