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Organ Enhancement Proposal

At its May meeting, the Vestry considered an exciting proposal that had come from the Music Program Committee for an upgrading of the organ and reconfiguration of the chancel. But does not the organ sound great and the chancel look fine?  It is true that both have served us well and been maintained well for years, as we look to the future improving both will be an important way to insuring that music will be as effective as possible in supporting the worship life of the church.


These changes will not be cheap. We are fortunate to have the services of Tim, who in addition to being an outstanding musician is also a master organ builder and repairer and who would oversee the whole project, thus making it much cheaper than it would otherwise have been. Still, his detailed estimate of costs totals some $90,000. The Finance Commission, which has reviewed the proposal, recommended to the Vestry that $50,000 be drawn from the $10,000 organ reserve fund and endowment funds, with the remainder to be raised from some individual donors.  


The Vestry was supportive of the proposal but also felt that given its size and scope, they and the congregation needed to be better educated as to the nature of the proposed changes. To that end, on Sunday, June 11, there will be a special Trinity Forum which Tim will present in the sanctuary entitled “Trinity’s Organ for the 21st Century.” Please plan to attend. 

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