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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times.

Trinity Times

Stafford Scholarships

Trinity Memorial awarded two applicants for its Stafford Scholarship; the scholarship is named in honor of John H. Stafford, who in 1930 instituted what originally was a loan program, and, with all the necessary approvaTls has become an outright grant. And no,obviously it has nothing to do with the Federal Stafford Student Loan Program. 


Emily Harding is a first time recipient of a Stafford Scholarship; she will begin her studies at George Washington University, where she will be a student in the Elliott School of International Affairs. She has been accepted into the University Honors program. While keeping busy with her studies, she plans on participating in many different student organizations and clubs like she did in High School. She is looking forward to joining Mock Trial and Model United Nations as well as political organizations. She will also apply for  internships to gain real world experience to supplement traditional learning. She plans to apply for an internship in Senator Charles E. Schumer’s office in Washington, D.C. because of her past experience working for him. She hopes to also study abroad at some time during her undergraduate education.


Stephen Shea is a second year recipient of a Stafford Scholarship. He is continuing his studies at Ithaca College, working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a major in Writing for Film, Television, and Emerging Media; he continues to expand his education beyond the classroom through participating in ICTV: 

     - Production Assistant on Good Company

     - Production Assistant/Camera Operator on Entertainment Exclusive

     - Performer on The 607

     - Member of NYFTSA (The New York Film Television Student Alliance)

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