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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times.

Trinity Times

Organ and Chancel Enhancements - Private Donations

As detailed in the June 11 presentation, certain new items have been identified by the Music Program Committee and approved by Vestry for funding (in any amount) by private donation.

We are proceeding with the console work out of necessity for the progress of the larger project.  It is indeed a handsome piece of custom craftsmanship, adapted ably by our own Bruce Borton, who has donated many hours of fine woodwork.

  • The New Console ($13,000);  a smaller oak and mahogany cabinet with new stop controls, reusing the original Casavant keyboards and pedal-boards. Bruce Borton is our craftsman for the transformation.     

  • The Nave Organ ($13,000); some 400 pipes new to our organ will be installed just forward of the organ chamber’s Nave arch. This cost includes completion of the structure, façade pipes and finish casework.

  • * Solo Tuba ($10,000); this commanding Solo voice summons brides, welcomes the Resurrection, and announces the Incarnation. There are 73 total pipes, some 16’ in length, plus special mechanism in this unique stop.

  • Clarinet ($4,000) also a Solo voice in the organ, but of less power. Distinctive and rich orchestral color, especially useful in anthem accompaniments and 19th and 20th-century organ literature. 

  • * Oboe ($3,000); these 61 pipes are useful as a lyric solo, or in combination with other stops. The Oboe is indispensable for Anglican and French repertoire.

  • Chancel Seating ($6,000); our pews date from 1896 when the building was consecrated. They have endured heavy use by hundreds of singers. Structurally they are falling apart, so a full restoration is underway. Coincidentally the pews are returning to their original configuration, and being made somewhat portable for special events.

  * Gifts for these items have already been designated.


Donations in ANY amount – they don’t have to match one of the project items –  to Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church are welcome at any time to fund these portions of our project. Donations may be made in memory of or thanksgiving for a loved one, for instance.  You can leave your donation in the collection plate in an envelope marked "Organ Enhancement Fund" containing a check with optional target for the above designations and/or memorial specification attached or in a memo.


Timothy E. Smith, Organist and Choirmaster

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