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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times.

Trinity Times

Chancel and Organ Enhancements Begin

Work has begun! Here is a synopsis of month #1.

  1. The chancel steps have been removed, and the new steps are roughed in, awaiting finish lumber. 

  2. Choir modesty panels have been removed, and are being rebuilt off site.

  3. The present organ console has been removed from its pit, and relocated. The new console is awaiting special order components. It is smaller than the present console in every dimension.

  4. The pit in the floor where the console has been located for about 45 years is now ready to be filled, so that choir pews can be returned to their 1896 position. The same flooring for the chancel steps is being used to floor over the pit.

  5. Console electrical connections have been revised to accommodate a movable format. Old connections have been disabled and removed.

  6. The pipes of the Great organ (exposed in the chancel) have been removed for the first time since 1960. They are filthy. All of them are to be washed and buffed this week in the church kitchen, and then reinstalled. The Great wind-chest (large structure holding the pipes) will also be thoroughly cleaned.

  7. The ceiling over the Great pipes is sagging, and is to be removed and replaced this week.

  8. While the cleaning work is going on, the Great chest area is being revised to accept two new sets of pipes. 

  9. Original Pedal pipes and their wind-chest, located behind screens in the “post communion tunnel,” are being removed to make way for additional new Great pipes to be installed.

  10. Some 200 Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba and Oboe pipes have been delivered to Hagerstown, Maryland for detailed restoration.

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