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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times.

Trinity Times

Choir Sings At Portageville

On July 25, the Trinity Choir participated in a concert, part of the Portageville Chapel concert series, managed by our Organist and Choir Master, Tim Smith. The evening’s program consisted of Haendel’s Sonata in C minor, performed by Kathleen Karlsen, the Vivaldi Gloria, offered by the Trinity Choir and two of its soloists, Tina Taylor and Deanna Feuerbach, with solo-oboe by Kathleen Karlsen; Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #4, with solo violinist Amy Christian, and recorder soloists Barbara Kaufmann and Larry Zukof, concluded the evening’s program. The evening’s chamber orchestra consisted of Cricket Tombs & Doug Diegert. violins; Mary Diegert, viola; Hakan Tayga-Hromek, cello; Beth Bartlett, double bass; Tim Smith, organ.

Not pictured: Jack Moulton and Rick Shumaker

Not only do they sing together, but Trinity’s Choir members form friendships which go beyond their shared ministry of music – something  happening in most of our ministry groups. Here are some of the choir members who were able to extend their stay at Portageville and share a visit to one of the treasures among NY State’s Parks: Letchworth State Park.

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