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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times.

Trinity Times

Foyer Groups Forming

By now, most of you have heard about Trinity's Foyer Groups.  If you haven't, here is a brief description:
Foyer Groups are parish gatherings of small groups of adults (6-8 people which may include couples and singles).  These groups are held in one's home (preferably) with each person or couple taking a one-time turn as host for this opportunity of fellowship.  The purpose is purely social: to enjoy each other's company, get to know fellow parishioners, strengthen the bonds of friendship,and share a simple meal.  This is not a time for Bible Study, political  discussion, or talks of stewardship issues.  Meals are not intended to be gourmet, but substantial and healthy.

 Generally, the host provides the main entree, beverages, and perhaps a side.  The other members of the group fill in the rest of the meal such as appetizer, salad, or dessert to coincide with the host's main dish.  Every couple/single takes responsibility for one meal which usually takes place in the home.  If, for some reason, a situation arises that the host cannot serve guests at his/her residence, arrangements may be made at another location.  No one is expected to take primary responsibility for more than his/her hosting month.  The designated host for that month will contact other members of the group - deciding on the day, time, main entree, and will give directions to her/his home.  Serving wine, beer, and/or mixed drinks is acceptable.  It is important to continue on a monthly basis if at all possible.  Understandably, there might be situations when it is impossible to schedule a time that is convenient for everyone; therefore, skipping a month is sometimes the best option!
There is no agenda or plan for the evening.  All should bring calendars to foyer gatherings to plan the next month date, time, and meal.  Foyer gatherings are expected to last 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
Feedback from former participants has been extremely positive!  If you have any questions, please contact Connie Alexander or Jan Muehlbauer.  One of the greatest reactions from those who have been involved in these groups is that friendships have evolved among people who might otherwise not have gotten to know each other.  We are a parish family, and it is so important to get to know others in our community.
Sign-ups are on the kiosk in the Hoyt Room.  We will be assigning groups mid-September.
Connie Alexander, Coordinator of Trinity Foyer Gatherings

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