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Office Volunteers

Perhaps you didn’t know that there is a corps of dedicated Office Volunteers that help in the office on a regular basis.  They are Ladene Miles Bourne, Sharon Kaiser, Debra Parmelee, Sally Akel and Robin Fellows.  These wonderful individuals give of their time and talents on an as needed basis or regular weekly basis.  Some have even been known to come in several times per week when Trinity’s Office Manager is on vacation.  They do everything from filing, record keeping, word processing to copying and assembling the bulletin.  If you would like to join their distinguished ranks please contact Arlene Ghilardi in the office:  607-723-3593 or

With many thanks and much appreciation, Arlene

Technical Volunteers

There is a group of volunteers without which the work here in the Trinity offices would come to a screeching halt!  I speak of the Technology Support Committee.  These dedicated individuals set up and maintain the whole computing operation doing everything from getting us started on new computers to networking to wireless connections etc. etc.  That is not all.  They also take care of the audio/visual aspects of our worship and learning.  They work on the technical aspects of getting Trinity’s work and worship out there in the world of cyber space via YouTube and our website:>  They address our technological problems, challenges and issues with experience and expertise and they do it willingly and cheerfully.  We are so very grateful for David Brown, Terry Burke, Jim Gazda, Greg Keeler, Brad Bennett, Peter Koeppel, Rob Lacey, Jack Moulton, and Rick Shumaker.

Arlene Ghilardi, Office Manager

I was intrigued as to why Trinity continued to function in the aftermath of the tough times in the Fall 2015.


Trinity’s Ministries prevailed and in some cases, became vigorously stronger. Our two dedicated Senior Wardens at the time, Peter Koeppel and Virginia Chatterton devoted every waking minute of their lives to Trinity tirelessly filling the gap.


Thus, my unscientific mini research project. How Many “Faces of Trinity” were actively involved in Trinity’s Ministries?


My methodology: from the 2016 Trinity Annual Report I listed every name mentioned being involved in a ministry. I compiled a list of 344 names. There were duplicates, indicating involvement in multiple ministries. I counted the number duplicates for each name: they range from 1 to 14.


The list came down to 120 individuals – there were 118 others involved besides our two Senior Warden Saints.


The 2016 Parochial Report indicated 218 members of record; looking at the 120 persons actively involved in various ministries,  gives us 55% of the membership being actively involved in a ministry at Trinity Memorial.


Of the 120, 70 are engaged in 2 or more ministries, 12 engaged in 5 or more ministries, and 20 chaired Trinity’s 30 Commissions and Committees.


WOW, it is the Laity of Trinity who are ministering to the Trinity Community. It is the Laity of Trinity going out into the community 2 by 2 spreading the Good News.


Jack Moulton, Member Ad Hoc Committee on Ministry June 13, 2017

Volunteerism is Alive and Well at Trinity