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Trinity Forum - Series: Migrations and Refrugees

Over the course of October, the Trinity Forums will present a series on “Migrations and Refugees,” a topic that is both topical and one that should be of great concern to us as a church.


On October 15th, Bruce Parmelee will draw on his personal experiences when he speaks on “Positive Reflections on Life and Experiences in the Middle East and Africa.”


On October 22nd, Chuck Stewart, who is a deacon from Skaneateles, will speak on “Immigration, Refugees, Forced Internal Displacement and El Salvador,” a subject about which he has become expert thanks to his many years of leadership in our diocesan engagement with El Salvador.


Finally, on October 29th, Susan Thornton will recount her experience this past summer, when she spent three weeks working with a nonprofit group providing assistance to refugees: “Slow Motion Emergency--Refugee arrivals on the Island of Lesvos, Greece.”


Chuck has kindly provided us with the following preview of his talk on El Salvador:

Imagine you get a phone call from a mysterious number. When you answer the phone, the voice on the other end demands $7,000— if you don’t pay up, the voice threatens to kill someone in your family. That’s what happened to a young woman named Andrea (not her real name). A few months before the phone call, Andrea started a business in her community with the financial help of a sister who lived in the United States. This was enough to make extortionists think Andrea had the money, or the ability to get it. Andrea and her mother hurriedly relocated to another city.


There are few, if any, protection options in El Salvador for families fleeing violence. Cristosal advocates on the regional and global stage to include protections for victims displaced by violence and support for democratic institutions as key elements of a long-term peace strategy in the Northern Triangle. They also engage with state, non-profit, academic and civil society actors to defend the rights of those displaced by violence in the Northern Triangle.


Violence is an everyday occurrence in El Salvador and it touches every family, either directly or indirectly. Many people have to flee the violence in their neighborhoods. Some may move to the next city and some may move to another country.


The presentation will be an overview of the companion diocese relationship between our diocese and the Anglican Episcopal Diocese of El Salvador. The presentation will also cover the factors that create refugees, IDPs (internally displaced persons), and asylum seekers. We will particularly focus on the work of Cristosal and the Diocese of El Salvador.


The Rev. Dcn. Charles N. Stewart is the chair of the Companion Diocese Committee of our diocese and has led many mission trips to El Salvador.