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An Invitation from Rayleen Kie

It has been my privilege to be a part of the staff of several larger congregations (2200+ members) during my career in church music.  One of the things that I would always look for before considering a church position was can the church GROW?  Are they welcoming as a congregation and excited about who they are and what they offer to the community?


Want the good news?   I see this in Trinity Church and its members, those who attend here, Father Glenn and the staff!  We do greet folks who may be new among us and encourage them to be active in all the ways they desire.


We have great outreach into the community through the Canteen dinners and recovery groups that meet here.  Very interesting and sometimes challenging Forums are offered for us to learn more.


Our music ministry under Tim Smith’s direction has grown and continues to draw new folks in. The Trinity Choir and soon the Trinity Ringers offer concerts that give us opportunity to invite others to come to church with us.


We are involved with caring for our members as well as those who walk in our door.  Home visits, hospital visits, cards, Eucharistic visits to the homebound, meals when needed are often done by many but known by few.


I encourage you to be a part of the welcoming and excitement that goes on here at Trinity.   See someone you don’t know?  Introduce yourself.   Someone’s name you’ve forgotten?  It’s OK…ask again!  Excited about what is happening here?   Tell your friends and family, post it on YOUR Facebook page, invite someone to come to a concert, event and worship!


I am excited to be here!   Let’s Grow Trinity together!


Assistant for Outreach and Pastoral Care