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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times.

Trinity Times

Mutual Ministry Meeting Report

Mutual ministry review is a process in which church leaders come together to give prayerful consideration to the church and its ministries, evaluating its strengths and accomplishments and also the challenges that it faces. On Monday evening, October 16th, Fr. Glenn and sixteen members of Trinity Memorial Church’s Vestry and Ad Hoc Committee on Ministry Planning met and conducted such a review.

The discussion during the hour-and-a-half meeting ranged widely and was overwhelmingly positive. There was recognition that we are doing something new and different with our part-time priest in charge. Thanks to an emphasis on lay ministry and strong staff support, there was agreement that this is working wonderfully. Many laypersons are engaged across the spectrum of church activities. The addition of  a Staff Assistant for Outreach and Pastoral Care was credited easing some of the burden on our excellent but overstretched staff. Praise was given to the Canteen ministry and the especially the flourishing music ministry, which has raised the church’s visibility and brought new people into the congregation. The foyer groups were commended, not simply as ways of enriching our sense of community but also for their inclusion of people new to the church. It was also noted that there is respect for Trinity’s history and traditions, including the occasional use of morning prayer (especially when Fr. Glenn is away), something much appreciated by those who grew up with morning prayer twice a month.

There was recognition of challenges that we face. The biggest is the lack of children, something that is not unique to Trinity but nevertheless is a concern. Starting a children’s choir was one suggestion, though it’s tough to begin without a core group to begin with. Regardless, we must be creative in crafting a ministry for children. We also face the challenge of an aging population and the need to continue working on our pastoral care, particularly since Fr. Glenn’s part-time status limits the amount of time that he can put into this. This is an area in which the new Staff Assistant will prove especially helpful. It was also noted that we need to be more proactive in inviting new people to serve on committees.

By far the greatest praise related to our priest in charge, Fr. Glenn. Having a priest who manifestly loves us, and even gives great sermons, is a key reason for the much mentioned sense of vibrancy and optimism in the congregation. And as one person noted, people in the congregation don’t think of him as a part-time priest. Looking to the future, the unanimous view of this leadership group is that what we have must be continued and built upon. Not only do we strongly favor the continuation of Fr. Glenn’s contract, but we believe that his ministry should be recognized not as transitional, but as one that we wish to continue into the future.

Respectfully submitted,

John Chaffee, Warden

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