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Stewardship Update

On Sunday November 26, we plan on taking down the sukkah which graced our sanctuary for the past five weeks. Decorated with fruit of the earth, the sukkah was a tangible reminder of God’s power and generosity, causing the earth to bring forth its bounty; covered by a semi-open roof, the sukkah served as a constant reminder that we are connected with God in that same eternal love, wherever we are – whether indoors or not.

I would like to personally thank our Stewardship Committee: Fr. Glenn, John Chaffee, Bill Palmer, Judy Peckham, Bobbie Johnson, Jack Moulton, George Akel, and Joan Lacey; our artists and craftsmen, Martha Colgan, Jack Moulton, Jeff Fellows, Judy Peckham, and George Akel; our hospitality and dining hall team Alice and Jody Zakrevsky, Sharon Kaiser, Kathy Corse, and Jeff Fellows and his crew; our Stewardship Minute speakers: Bobbie Johnson, Teddy Aribisala, Bill Palmer, and Ken Lattimore.


All of these contributed generously of their time and talent towards this year’s Stewardship program.I am deeply grateful for the outpouring of generosity we have seen in our stewardship campaign: we began with a generous lead commitment from our Priest, Wardens and Vestry, and we built on that, over the course of the last five weeks. As of November 26, joining all of our generous commitments together, we have far exceeded our target of $165K pledged: the pledges of  87 parishioners, including eight first time pledgers, combine for total of $177,239. Our leadership is deeply grateful to all! And we should be grateful to each other, as we jointly raise our voices: thanks be to God!As in any year, we expect a very few more pledges to come in in the next few days, and if your pledge is among those, please don’t delay.


Peter Koeppel, on behalf of the Stewardship Committee