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Decorating our Sanctuary for Christmas

Participation in this year’s greening of the church was amazing.  Other than the tree and the advent wreath already being put up, we were able to decorate the rest of the church within one hour!  That was amazing!  It was not so much the task of decorating, but the fellowship that we shared doing it.  As we worked, we talked about the large 12’ tree and who donated it. Who made the Chrismons (The White and Gold Christian Symbols)?  Who made 

all these beautiful red bows, and where did we get all these decorations?    There were answers to all of these questions.  We were actually honoring the memory of the person(s) who donated or made these items.  The Chrismons alone must have taken a group of people many hours to make.  All of this effort through the years was and is to make Trinity a warm and inviting place.  We can feel proud to invite our family and friends to join us in worship and for special events. 

Every year that Robin and I decorate our Tree(s), each ornament that we put on the tree has a story, an experience shared, or was a gift from a special person.  Maybe some of the ornaments were old ornaments that were on our parents’ or even grandparents’ Christmas tree. Cherish these memories each year and take a minute to remember the story each ornament has to tell  

I enjoyed our conversation while greening the church.  We do have a lot of memories to share and in doing

so we connect the memories of the past with those present and in the future.  Thank you all for your help and creative touch.  This is one more memory that I will cherish.

Jeff Fellows