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Security Cameras

Being a downtown church has its blessings and curses.  We are able to do God’s work through our community outreach, but we also open ourselves up to be vulnerable at times. Over the years, we have had damage to the fence and bench in front of the church, and the stone steps leading from Oak Street into the Sanctuary.  When we file reports to document the damage, we’re usually asked for any video evidence of the events, to help identify who has been behind the damage. 


Occasionally, we have been able to rely on the High School’s security cameras’ recordings to provide evidence, but they don’t cover all of our considerable frontage on Main and Oak Streets. So, we have finally installed our own security camera system.  The system currently has seven cameras protecting the outside of the building (an eighth camera will be added soon), and one camera each inside the Trinity House and Gym doors. 


I can monitor the video feeds in real time, and they are also being recorded. Most of the damage in years past has been done at night or when our buildings are empty, and we can now go back over the recordings if we need to document what really happened. 


The Wardens and Vestry first asked that such a system be installed in 2016; researching the  technical details, budgeting for the cost of acquiring and installing the system, and finally actually installing and bringing up the system took us into late 2017. Right now, we’re waiting for warmer weather to do some fine-tuning of the cameras and install the eighth out-side camera. In the meanwhile I will be glad to show any of you that would be interested this new system. 


Jeff Fellows, Buildings and Grounds Manager