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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times

Trinity Times

Confirmation, Reception, and Membership - Explained

What’s the difference: confirmation, reception, membership??? It’s not that hard!


Let’s be clear - we welcome all, and if you feel your church home is at Trinity Memorial, then
you are a member of Trinity Memorial Church. It’s that easy!


Church law, known formally as the Church Canons, draws a somewhat different distinction:
to be a member of the Episcopal Church, you must be confirmed in, or received into the
Episcopal Church.


Here is how this works: if you have never been confirmed in any Christian denomination -
Confirmation being a once-in-a-lifetime affirmation of your Christian faith - an Episcopal
Bishop will confirm you; if you have been confirmed already in another Christian
denomination, an Episcopal Bishop will receive you into the Episcopal Church. Either way,
you should participate in a confirmation class.


There is one more wrinkle: membership in the Episcopal Church is typically not in the church
at large, but in a specific Episcopal congregation. So, if you are confirmed or received into the
Episcopal Church, you are also welcomed into membership in a specific congregation. Once
you have taken that step, if you decide to move to a different Episcopal Congregation, you
should ask your prior congregation to transfer your membership.


If you are looking to be confirmed or received in April, please let Fr. Glenn know as soon as
any possible!

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