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Trinity Times

Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times

Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter Had Many Contributors

Celebrations like Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter require a great many people to organize and implement. Just consider the number of people who participate in the services and also those who work behind the scenes to take care of everything from advertising, to Altar setup, flower arrangement, and bulletin preparation. Thanks to you all for a wonder-filled experience!


Acolytes: Barbara Manzo, Karen Crisafulli, Phyllis Amenda, David Scone, Daniel Aribisala, Finbarr Huff, Fritz Huff.


Altar Guild: David Brown, Ginny Nolan, Dawn Roessing, Gale Bump Fortner, Ginny Hill, Sally Akel, Debra Parmelee.


Worship Leaders: Tom Harding, John Chaffee, Jim Gazda, Phyllis Amenda, Barbara Manzo.


Eucharistic Ministers: Jim Gazda, Tom Harding, Connie Alexander, Nicole Huff, Darlene Croston, Greg Keeler, Barbara Manzo, Phyllis Amenda, Bill Palmer, 

Patty Bloomer, Debra Parmelee.


Lectors: Ginny Hill, Tom Harding, Jeff Fellows, Carolyn Blake, Greg Keeler, Rayleen Kie, Bill Palmer.


Ushers: Joe & Sandy Card, Dan & Ginny Hill, John & Roxe-Anne Lynn; Kathy Corse, David Scone, Phil & Cynthia Evans, Bill Gazda, Jim Gazda.


Counters: Jim Albert, Debra Parmelee, Joan Lacey, Ken Lattimore.


Palm Crosses and decoration of the Sanctuary: Dan & Ginny Hill, Gail Petkash.


Hoyt Room Decoration: Kathy Corse.


Sanctuary preparation and floral decor: Jeff Fellows, Mike Roseboom, Rob Griffiths, Stephanie Lori, Brian Tweedie, Chase Healey, Cody Katen.


For the flowers that adorn the Sanctuary on Easter: many generous donors. Thanks to all those who delivered flowers to our church family who cannot make it out to church.


Bulletin preparation: Ladene Miles Bourne, Alfreda Folks, Marcella Keeler, Toni Smith, Arlene Ghilardi.


Publicity, advertising, outreach: Rayleen Kie, Greg Keeler, Brad Bennett, Peter Koeppel.


Easter Egg Hunts: Jean Shea, Kathy Ekstrand, Joan Lacey, members of the Christian Education Commission.


Easter Egg baskets for the Canteen: Members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation.


Trinity Ringers: Ginny Hill, Philip Evans, Carolyn Blake, Jack Moulton, Greg Keeler, Rayleen Kie, Barbara Crowle, Steve Crowle, Judy St. John, Connie Alexander.


The Trinity Choir: Soprano: Jordan Bowman, Barbara Crowle, Robin Fellows, Deanna Feuerbach, Christina Taylor; Alto: Martha Bennett, Carolyn Blake, Sue Carpenter, Martha Colgan, Rayleen Kie, Nancy Pille; Tenor: Jason Auman, Brad Bennett, Steve Crowle, Greg Keeler; Bass: Bruce Borton, John Chaffee, Jeff Fellows, Peter Koeppel, Richard Lee, Jack Moulton, John Shelhart; Rick Shumaker.


Choirmaster and Organist: Timothy E. Smith.

We think the rafters are still standing after two jubilant Easter Sunday services celebrating the (re)appearance of the light of Christ. Didn’t the organ sound wonderful in the 10:00 am service? And if the brass railings looked extra sparkly, not only were they reflecting our joy, but they did have a little extra help.  We are all grateful to Jeff Fellows for managing the wonderful ministry of helping Social Services clients forge a new path in their lives. A large part of the credit for the sparkling brass railings belongs to them. THANK YOU, Jeff, and THANK YOU to your team!



A heartfelt thanks to one and all!

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