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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times

Jack Moulton Interview

Some people have the ability to “bloom where they are planted” and that is exactly what Jack Moulton has done.  Of course, it helps that Jack has also been a lifelong farmer and made a career of being a General Manager for agricultural cooperatives in the State of Pennsylvania. After thoughtful deliberation, Jack has made a decision to relocate to Erie, PA to be nearer his son and his family.  Jack’s last Sunday will be June 3 and he plans to leave us with some Tuba and Organ music to celebrate.


“What I loved most about Trinity was that when there were bumps in the road, people were here to help.  The church is full of friendly people. Trinity has a fantastic music program and this church has been a wonderful place for spiritual growth.”


When asked what he’d miss the most, Jack replied without hesitation, “EVERYTHING! Also singing in the choir. People need to appreciate and give full support to the choir.”


Jack plans to take 12 months to settle in – going back and forth from Montrose to Erie to move himself in.  He has already scoped out 2 possible Episcopal churches and will take his time deciding which one fits him best.  He’d like to continue playing Tuba and maybe find a bell choir to ring in also.


What are his future plans?  “I’d like to do metal fabrication.  I’d like to make a set of ‘redneck handbells’ for Tim – tuned cowbells!”


We thank Jack for his many modes of service here at Trinity:

  • Serving on the Vestry

  • Recording and preparing videos of music services (Evensong, Candlechants and Concerts)

  • Member of Trinity’s Stewardship committee and also builder of the SUKKAH we used for last year’s campaign

  • Member of the Green Machine – providing the trailer bed and truck to pull our float for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

  • Member of the Worship and Liturgy Commission

  • Who can forget his skit with “Gertrude” at last year’s Cabaret?

  • His research and article on parishioners volunteering for the Times

  • Singing in the Trinity Choir and ringing in the Trinity Ringers


Jack’s new address will be:

Jack Moulton

3229 Pine Ave.

Erie, PA 16504


I’m sure he’d be glad to hear from you all!


Thanks, Jack and God speed to you, Rudy and Pfouf in your new home.  God Bless!


Rayleen Kie, Assistant for Outreach and Pastoral Care

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