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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times

Mission and Ministry Donations

Mission and Ministry continues with their outreach in our community. This year we supported a very meaningful mission called "Showers of Hope". St Patrick's Church hosts a van with four shower stalls where homeless people in our region are able to come and take a shower. They are issued shampoo and soap, and towels. After their shower, they are given clean clothing and 5 pair of socks. There are many stories that show that these showers help them improve their lives. Mission and Ministry was able to donate $1000 in support of the program.


A basket will be placed in the Hoyt room for donations of clothing (both mens and womens) and especially for socks. We will host a sock drive. Jan Muehlbauer will get donations to St Patrick.


Mission and Ministry received a thank you note from Rev. Msgr. John Putano. He stated:

"Your commitment to maintaining the dignity of life enables the homeless get the necessities of life; and with the grace of God, that we are able to help them improve their lives". We hope, as a congregation, we will want to support this program.

Trinity Memorial’s Mission and Ministry Commission made a second donation during the summer: complementing lead gifts from local insurance agent Jim Rollo and Sentry Alarms, Trinity Memorial was able to put the donations required for a significantly enhanced security system for Binghamton’s American Civic Association (ACA) over the top.

The ACA announced the joint gift at a press conference, at which Jim Rollo, Binghamton Mayor Rich David and Broome County Executive Jason Garnar spoke.







Sue Carpenter and Virginia Chatterton, shown here with Regina Pereira, an ACA employee and member of Trinity Memorial, represented Trinity Memorial at the happy event.


Sue Carpenter, Secretary, Mission and Ministry