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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times

Letter from Darlene Croston

Greetings from Kabul,


Hello from Camp Resolute Support, a NATO base that is home to coalition forces from over 24 nations.  Some jokingly call it “Resolute Resort”, but it is still dangerous. I work for the Command Group, and it is fast paced.  The work week is a 7 day rotation, with a couple of days shorter than the others. Unlike my previous all-expense-paid trip to Afghanistan, this base has a post office, a PX, some restaurants/cafes, and shops that feature local wares.  We are adjacent to the American embassy, and are able to take advantage of their amenities.


Many of you were able to come to the birthday/farewell party, and I was so grateful. What a fun day it was-special shout out to the band (Taney/Burt/Tim), Chris and Kathy B of the VFW for the great food, guest bartenders from the Binghamton FD (Mike and Dickie), and Barb, Tracee and Brenda of the DMV for saving my sanity and finishing the set up.  


After a week of admin and medical screening in Norfolk, VA, it was on to Fort Jackson, SC for a combat refresher course.  The drill sergeants and civilian instructors were top notch, and some of the best I’ve ever seen. Their ability to keep students of various backgrounds and skill sets engaged was impressive, AND they kept us laughing.  It was a complete turnaround from the 3.5 months I spent in Indiana in 2011. When the training completed, we packed our 250 pounds of gear (limited to 4 bags and a weapons case). The next morning, the local chapter of the Patriot Guard Riders escorted our bus to the interstate.  


We spent in 11 days in Qatar, and made 7 trips to the airport attempting to get out.  The Navy and Air Force just couldn’t get on the same page. We finally landed in Bagram, and the next day, our 30th wedding anniversary, I flew to Kabul.


If you would like to write, I’d love to hear from you.  My address is:



Command Group

APO AE 09356


It is still warm here during the day, so if you are inclined to send a package, please do not send anything that would be harmed by the heat.  


Hope you are enjoying the fall weather at home, and taking advantage of all that it offers.  



(Chief)                     Darlene's email address is:

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