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Trinity Times

Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times

Reviewing Lenten Activities

Fr. Glenn offered a Lenten series: “Forgiveness - Breaking the Chains that Bind Us” - we were blessed with both new insights into the challenges of forgiveness and God’s presence and love supporting us as we wrestle with painful experiences inflicted upon us; we were also blessed by the sharing of painful experiences that several of us are wrestling with. We pray that opening up to each other allows true healing in God’s love - and in our reflection of His love for one another - to begin.

Sunday evenings were highlighted by a musical Lenten Series: David von Behren on the organ and violin - even at the same time; Christina Taylor and John Shelhart accompanied by Tim Smith on the organ and Hakan Tayga on the violoncello; Jean Herman Henssler on the organ; and Andrew Gordon and Deborah Wong on piano and violin. After each of these offerings we invited all to a simple soup and salad dinner. And somehow, desserts also materialized.

by John Holt DSC05299.JPG

The final musical offering of our Lent was soloists, orchestra, the Binghamton Madrigal Choir, and the Trinity Choir joining under the direction of Dr. Bruce Borton to offer Johann Sebastian Bach’s Passion according to St. John on the Saturday evening before Palm Sunday.

David von Behren

Tim Smith, Christina Taylor, John Shelhart, and Hakan Tayga

Jean Herman Henssler

Andrew Gordon and Deborah Wong

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