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Trinity Times

Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times

Hymnathon Success

On Friday, September 20, and Saturday, September 21, the choir and organist Tim Smith joined for a hymnathon - singing all 720  hymns in our hymnal. Not every choir member was able to join in for the full event, but everybody managed to sing at least the number of hymns they had committed to sing. It’s probably no exaggeration to observe that some of our quiristers must have lungs, vocal chords, and various muscles of steel! And if Tim’s hands, arms, shoulders, back, legs and feet were any worse for the exertion of playing the organ for the whole 12 hours - truly  an endurance athletic feat - we couldn’t tell on Sunday morning! His dedication was an inspiration to all of us!


We’re very grateful to members of our congregation who joined - to listen or to sing!  We even were joined for a couple of hours by a very talented tenor from St. John’s in Ithaca.


Working our way through the hymnal, we discovered wonderful gems, which you might join in singing in future services. And, truth must be told, we also discovered a few hymns which, short of another hymnathon, we just as soon not encounter again. 


All told, it was a journey of discovery and faith - singing for this long, and through this much music, turned out to be a deeply spiritual experience.

The Hymnathon was, of course, also a fundraiser for the choir’s travel to Cleveland and Toronto, and a first accounting suggests that it was successful on that count, also. 


We would like to herewith also thank our sponsors - your commitment and faith made it worthwhile to work our way through the complete hymnal: thank you very much for your support!

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