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Bible Study - A Testimonial

If you have hesitated attending Valerie Spiller’s Bible Study at Trinity, I offer a testimonial that may address your concerns.  If you have not thought about it, I would like you to know that these sessions are gems that you will cherish once you give them a try.


While Valerie has significant knowledge of the Bible, she does not lecture, but rather gently leads us to think about meanings that are personal - what does this verse mean to you?  Rather than probing any one’s knowledge of the  Bible, she looks for our fresh impressions and removes us from pressure of right and wrong answers.  This approach leads to some interesting insights.  As Valerie says: “We can see these things together that are invisible to us alone and our discussion can give the Spirit a chance to join the conversation.”  This may explain why we recently spent a whole hour on one Bible verse!


Others provide enlightening contributions: Father Glenn offers his wonderful knowledge of the Bible; John Starks, Professor of Classics at BU, shares insights from the original Greek Scriptures. Both Fr. Glenn and John share their knowledge of the historical settings and contexts.


Worried about not being prepared?  We don’t  know the specifics until we arrive. You are welcome to come and listen!  I am certain that you will be happy that you did. Tired of being shut in?  This is a wonderful opportunity to talk/listen with others. You will receive an  invitation with details on how to participate in your email.         


Faithfully, Brad Bennett