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How to Connect On-Line for Our Sunday Worship

What might you need to participate? Any of the following will do:


  • A Smartphone

  • A Tablet

  • A personal computer (Windows or Mac)

  • A smart TV


Among these, the smart TV may be something you haven’t thought of yet; it comes in many flavors, and you may need some help from a knowledgeable family member to make it work; some modern TVs can actually play YouTube and other Web sites; often you will be able to let an older TV play YouTube or Facebook videos by adding a small “streaming” device to your TV: Roku, Google ChromeCast, Apple TV are all possibilities. To determine which one works for you, or which one works best for you, you may need the help of somebody in your family. Please don’t let that stand in the way of your joining our worship services!


If your setup does have a built-in YouTube or Facebook app, use those. Otherwise, point it at 



and join in; if you Subscribe (you’ll find the button to do so on YouTube and Facebook) you will receive an invitation about 30 minutes prior to the start of the service. Click on that, and you’re in!