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Trinity Times

Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times

Stafford Scholarship Applications

Trinity parishioner John H. Stafford left an endowment to Trinity Memorial Church in 1930 “to be used in assisting boys and young men along educational and training lines.” It was Mr. Stafford’s desire to provide financial assistance, especially to those who were studying for the ordained ministry. A number of years ago, the Vestry enlarged the provision to enable men, and later women, to apply for loans to support their general college education. The loan program was discontinued in 2006. Since 2011 funds have been distributed as outright scholarships.

Communicants in good standing at Trinity Memorial Church are eligible to apply for a Stafford Scholarship. Applications are invited from students entering or continuing in undergraduate or graduate degree programs, or vocational or licensure programs. Priority will be given to students seeking ordination in The Episcopal Church.


Application materials can be obtained from Trinity Memorial’s Stafford Scholarship Committee chair, Dr. Sandra D. Michael. Email her at; Phone: 607-777-6517 (work), 607-748-7520 (home).


Although electronically prepared applications are preferred, they may also be typed or handwritten. All applications must be submitted to Dr. Michael. The deadline for receipt of applications is May 22.


For more information, contact Dr. Michael.

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