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On Stewardship

I wish I knew what motivates you to give to our beloved congregation.  Does your weekly giving feel like an obligation to you? For many of us, the journey of generosity starts out just that way. Are you giving to carry your share of a burden? To many of us, that’s also a very familiar feeling. Does furthering a purpose motivate you to  give? That also works for many of us. Or are you giving, because you enjoy sharing the bounty with which God blessed you?

As people of God, we are always willing to share of our bounty - sometimes because we feel it’s “a must”, other times, because we want to alleviate shortages or suffering; yet other times, simply because we appreciate God’s generosity in our lives and we want to bring some of it into other people’s lives. 


I do not recall a time in my adult life, when the challenges to sharing have been greater: greater need to address, and greater hurdles for our ability to give at the same time.


The need is obvious, when you listen to what’s happening around you: more people are struggling with how to feed their families and themselves, how to get to the grocery store, how to get to medical appointments, to get beloved pets to a veterinary visit, ... than under what we thought of as normal circumstances. And all that’s without them being sick with the virus causing COVID-19. Imagine friends or families dealing with a loved one being sick from this virus - not all patients show only mild symptoms. Too many die - even a single death should give us pause. There’s also loneliness - not everyone lives with a loved one or friend; there’s just so much to do to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ.


In our beloved congregation, Fr. Glenn is leading our online worship services; if we have your email, you should have received email updates, including invitations to our online worship services from Greg, Sunday Service Bulletins from Arlene - if we don’t have your email, would you please call the Office and leave a message so we can add you to our email list? Tim is busy working on music for our online services; Jeff is making sure that our buildings are safe and sound; Chris is keeping up with bills and payments; Rayleen is staying in touch with as many people as possible. And you might guess, our sudden shift to online services has caused us to invest in some new technology, and build on several volunteers’ time and generosity to record and prepare the services for broadcast - thank you, Tina, Deanna, John (S.), Greg, the choir, Tim,  Jean, Greg, and Rick, Rob, et al.! 


So, we ask, that you please continue your  generosity:

  • You can always mail in a check - the Postal Service will appreciate your business!

  • You can instruct your bank to send in a check on your behalf - if you prefer to do that, you could even set up a regular, recurring gift.

  • You can use Trinity Memorial’s new online giving facility - just go to our website:, click on the Donate! button, which will take you to the service, and follow the prompts.  It also allows you to set up recurring donations which may be helpful when we don't have in-person attendance as a reminder to make our donations.


Peter Koeppel