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Trinity Times

Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times

Bringing Our Sunday Worship Service to You

Did you ever wonder how our online worship services come into being? Here’s a glimpse “behind the curtain.”


Some of the work remains as always: selecting prayers, preparing the sermon, selecting music,  inviting worship ministers (lectors, worship leaders), preparing the service bulletin.

But that’s where the similarities end! When we were first confronted with the need to offer online worship services, we were still able to meet as a small group of healthy people in the sanctuary; so, we thought we would bring together Fr. Glenn, lectors and worship leaders from their homes, and musicians from our sanctuary, switching back and forth. That was a great idea, but after a Saturday trying to make capturing music in our sanctuary work and broadcast it in decent quality, we realized that was just not going to work well enough.

So, we switched to a ZOOM meeting for all persons participating in the worship service, which we would broadcast via YouTube at the same time.  Again, the results were not what our tests suggested they should be: having many people in a ZOOM meeting creates problems of its own, and the feed to YouTube simply broke.


So, we settled on pre-recording our services: our worship ministers still meet in a ZOOM meeting to record prayers, readings, and the sermon. Tim and Fr. Glenn will also work out music selections, which we currently draw from our collection of previously recorded music (thank you to all our wonderful musicians, and Rick Shumaker, Jack Moulton, et. al. for their recordings!).

Then comes the final piece of work: Greg pulls the pieces together into a coherent video recording, often including pictures of the faces we so much miss seeing in person. When all that’s complete, Greg uploads the final video to YouTube and Facebook for broadcast, starting Sundays at 10:00 am.

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