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Here you can find selected material from issues of Trinity Memorial Church's monthly newsletter, the Trinity Times

Priorities, Cautions, Web Help, and a Different Holy Week


One could go nuts watching, listening, or reading the news. Is there anything other than COVID-19 happening in the world? Seemingly not. What is a Christian to do in these circumstances? What we always do, of course! We remind ourselves that we are loved by our Lord as much as we love Him. We remind ourselves that we are called to love our neighbors as we love ourselves! We focus our souls, minds, and hearts on connecting with the Lord - pray, meditate, center - tamp down the Adrenaline, don’t let the excitement of these days throw you off your connection with God.


The Samaritan woman at the Well of Jacob was no more prepared for what was to happen to her on the day of her encounter with Jesus, than we are prepared to deal with the challenge facing us today.  This is a time to call for help, if you need it. This is a time to respond to calls for help, if you can - calls from your friends at Trinity and beyond, your brothers and sisters in Christ. 


Before you go out to help, make sure you’re up to speed on the latest safety policies instituted by NYS, your county, or municipality. Make sure you are up to speed on the  latest hygiene recommendations, and follow them carefully! 


Make sure your hygiene recommendations come from a trusted source: the CDC, the WHO, the NYS or our County Health Department.  Work with those to whose aid you’re coming, to negotiate the details of safe contact before you are at their doorstep. 


Don’t forget your pledge or offering to Trinity Memorial or our Priest’s Discretionary Fund - Trinity Memorial will much appreciate receiving your offering and Fr. Glenn will need to use the Discretionary Fund a lot more right now to help persons in need. Send money electronically from your bank, or however you make electronic payments. Send in your check by  mail, if you prefer. However you prefer to do it: do it! 


This is the time to think how you can use electronic tools to stay in touch; call, email, message; meet virtually to share a prayer….

Web Helpers

I just ran across a wonderful story from Berlin, Germany: a young woman, working as a cashier at a supermarket, checked out a customer, whose cart was loaded to overflowing. As the customer left, she turned back around to the cashier and called out: “You’ll see me again in a minute - this is for two friends who can’t go shopping  for themselves, and I have to shop for more friends yet!” That loaded cart was not for herself - she was out to help others.


This experience sent the young cashier thinking: there can’t be just that one woman’s friends needing help ; what could she - the cashier - do, to connect people needing help with people being able to offer help: she decided to start a Facebook group. Within a few hours, she had over 3000 people participating in that Facebook group.


Let’s follow the lead of that young cashier: what can we do, at this time, to help? There’s more ways than one! Go find what you can do - like the Samaritan woman at the Well of Jacob, you will never know where God calls you to go, until you follow His call!

A Different Holy Week

This time feels all wrong - here we are, about to exit Lent into the roller-coaster emotions of Holy Week to emerge into the resurgence of light on Easter Sunday.  Expecting to have to celebrate Easter at home, at best in the presence of closely related, co-resident family members, feels like a very dramatic break with custom and habit. Let’s be perfectly clear: it is. But let nothing diminish the roller-coaster of excitement from the height of of Palm Sunday into the sadness and darkness of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, back into the light, glory, and excitement of Easter Sunday morning!  We can sing the wonderful Easter hymn “Jesus Christ is risen today - alleluia” in our hearts and souls, out loud in our homes, on our homes’ porches and balconies - nothing can or shall diminish the power of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Let nothing come between you and that essential, eternal truth of Easter: 

Jesus Christ is risen indeed, alleluia, alleluia! I wish you the happiest of Easter celebrations!  


Peter Koeppel

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