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Located in the All Saints Chapel, off our Sanctuary, the COlumbarium offers a final resting place for members of the Christian Community.


Our Sanctuary is accessible to motion-limited parishioners, guests and visitors.

A lift from the ground-level Gymnasium to the elevated  Hoyt Room and Sanctuary, including the All Saints Chapel and its Columbarium, is available at the south end of the Gymnasium.

Accessible rest rooms are available off the Hoyt Room.


A final resting place

Christians have been buried within the community of the Church since the very beginning. Traditionally, the burial place for a church member was in the adjacent churchyard. In some ancient churches, burial was under the floor of the church. As time passed, customs changed and the practice of churchyard burial was all but abandoned. People were buried in cemeteries that were often far from their homes and families and the church that nurtured them.


Cremation, a long accepted practice in the Episcopal Church, is dignified, theologically and ecologically sound, and economically sensible. With the increased acceptance of the simplicity and dignity of cremation, columbariums provide a burial option for church members who desire cremation.
Trinity Memorial Church has responded to the interest of our parishioners in creating a sacred sanctuary within our walls for the ashes of our members. The columbarium gives witness to the risen life and the deceased's place among the Communion of Saints.

Our All Saints Columbarium

Located in our All Saints Chapel, the Columbarium and Chapel were blessed and dedicated at services on September 8, 2013.

Designed by Armento Liturgical Arts of Buffalo, NY, our Columbarium is a modular system with 36 niches. Additional niches can be added when necessary. Bronze faceplates with a grapevine design harmonize with the architectural style of the church. Ted Slavin, of Slavin’s Old Time Workbench, has created a handsome cabinet reflecting elements of the nearby altar.

A Columbarium Niche is available upon request to members of Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church and their family. You will be able to select your niche from those still available at the time. Inurnment in our Columbarium is intended to provide a perpetual place of rest for the remains, and a sacred place where family members and friends may honor the memory of their loved one in prayer and contemplation.

We provide a tasteful urn that is designed specifically to be used with the niches, and no other urn is needed. For a Memorial Service, Trinity can provide a decorative wooden “Urn box.” After the service, the cremains will be transferred to the urn supplied for final inurnment. 

No other objects may be placed into the urn; pets can not be included for inurnment, either. 

We will provide a brass name plate inscribed with the name(s) of the person(s) whose remains are at rest in a niche. This plate will be provided, using a standard font, by the manufacturer of the Columbarium. 

Trinity will provide for the opening and closing of the niche as needed. 

If you have further interest in the Columbarium, please pick up one of the white envelopes available in the Columbarium; they include all the information on the Columbarium and a form to fill out if you are interested in pre-purchasing a niche. The cost is very modest, in keeping with our desire to support our families in all stages of their and their loved one’s lives, and even beyond life in this world.

Application materials can be obtained by contacting the church office at 607-723-3593.

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