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Binghamton, NY 13905

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Our Organ's History

The organ at Trinity was installed in 1960 by Casavant Frères and is one of the finer organs in the Southern Tier. It is a three-manual instrument with 38 ranks of pipes, as well as three recently added electronic ranks (16', 32', 32') in the pedal division. A versatile instrument, it adds greatly to the worship experience of the parish.​

Our organ's specifications are available below.

The organ was a gift of generous parish supporters, Conrad and Virginia Klee.​

The dedicatory recital was performed on September 26, 1960 by internationally acclaimed organist (and former parish son) M. Searle Wright.​


In 2010 the organ was mechanically updated with solid state controls and extensive re-leathering.
Wilbur Dodge and John Gulick participated in this project as on-site technicians. 

In 2018 the chancel was revised to make the originally fixed chancel pews removable; new chancel steps improved musical performance opportunities in the Nave, and the organ received significant attention. Under the direction of Timothy E. Smith, fifteen stops were moved or added, including a seven-stop Nave division to bolster congregational singing. A new three-manual console sits a top a rolled platform, allowing the organist to be seen during performance.

Conrad and Virginia Klee, with organist Flora Staps at right, in 1960 newspaper clipping photo.


Great music has been a staple of our parish life for generations. It enriches our worship services, and we offer Evensong and CandleChant services throughout the year for a more contemplative service.

Our organ plays an important part in all of those.