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"Formation" describes the life-long journey of  accepting, embracing, and internalizing Christ's Commands to us, and ultimately living, as best as we can, our lives as followers of Christ.  


Long Term Care - Medicare Coverage and Other Options

Part of a presentation series on Elder Care services in Broome County, NY.

Maria Motsavage, provides a comprehensive overview of care services for the elderly available in New York State's Boroome County and then discusses the options for covering the cost of long term care.

Please note that some content on this presentation is specific to Broome County, NY, and that the description of coverage options reflects the legal and regulatory landscape of late 2022. 

This presentation is not intended to provide advice, but is intended to help understanding the general services and approaches to obtaining and covering long term care. Anyone seeking to develop plans for long term care for a loved one or themselves is advised to seek professional counsel, typically through an Elder Care Lawyer.
Ms. Motsavage is  Elder Care Coordinator at Binghamton Law firm Levine, Goulding, Thompson (LGT).

This presentation is the first in a three-part presentation series on services to the elderly.

The video recording of Ms. Motsavage's presentation is available aton Trinity memorial's YouTube channel:

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