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Worship Ministries

Worship services at Trinity Memorial, as at any Episcopal Church, are participatory: lay leaders play important roles in preparing the sanctuary for services, play key roles in support of the Clergy conducting our services, and extend the service from the sanctuary to the homes of ill or generally homebound members of the congregation.

Worship Ministries

Worship Leaders

Worship leaders lead portions of the worship service, and assist in others. They read the Prayers of the People at Eucharist. They assist in the preparation of the altar and administer the chalice at Eucharist. They feed us with the Body and Blood of our Savior. 

Readers (Lectors)

Our lectors proclaim the Word of God in our Sunday assembly. They help us hear the voice of God in Sacred Scripture. They are lovers of God's Word, lovers of God's People and Proclaimers of God's Message.

Eucharistic Ministers

Our Eucharistic Ministers are lay men and women who are authorized to administer the Consecrated Elements at a Celebration of Holy Eucharist. Eucharistic Ministers also visit  the ill and home-bound and take Communion to them.

A Eucharistic Minister must

  • be a baptized, confirmed or received communicant of the Episcopal Church

  • be an active member of the parish

  • have taken Safe Church training

  • be approved by the parish priest, and

  • be licensed by the diocesan bishop

Our worship services are conducted by clergy and lay-persons, each playing important roles. If you are called or simply curious about joining a worship service, please see our rector or any member of one of the worship ministries. We'll be happy to include you in the ministry to which you are called, and offer any necessary training to help you fill the role.

Altar Guild

The Trinity Altar Guild ensures that our altar is prepared with linens, cups, and plates appropriate for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Members of the Altar Guild divide altar flowers after worship to make them available for distribution to home-bound parishioners, or those celebrating birthdays.


Acolytes bear the cross, and candles, they light the altar candles, and they carry the Book of the Gospels as they lead our liturgical ministers in procession on Sunday. They are our altar servers.


Our ushers greet us when we arrive at Trinity and ensure that we have everything necessary for our worship. They warmly embrace newcomers who have come to join us in praising God. They are our “ministers of hospitality” who extend a radical welcome to all. They gather the offering and direct movement of people at communion. After worship, ushers straighten up and prepare for the next service. Ushers work in teams, serving approximately once a month.


Counters are the bridge between our congregation and our Financial team: they receive the Offering after the service, and they  prepare it for being recorded and deposited into our congregation's accounts. Like all of our Financial team, they will treat the offerings with utmost care and discretion.

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