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Position Opening

Staff Assistant for Outreach and Pastoral Care

Position Opening: Staff Assistant for Outreach and Pastoral Care

Trinity Memorial Church, Binghamton, NY

Position Description:

Part time Staff Assistant for Outreach and Pastoral Care works cooperatively with members of Trinity’s staff and lay leaders, with specific attention to informing the larger Binghamton area and Diocese about special events and programs happening at Trinity, assisting in scheduling members of an established pastoral care team to meet the needs of members of the Trinity family and covering for office staff members when necessary.

Major Areas of Responsibility

  • Working with local media (radio, TV, newspaper, etc.) in regard to promote upcoming events at Trinity.

  • Successfully advertising events on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • Designing posters, flyers, brochures, letters, ads in newspapers, and tickets using computer graphics.

  • Working with Parish website team in advertising programs through the website.

  • Research and develop new channels and platforms for promoting Trinity Church and its events.

  • Keeping bulletin boards current and attractive with posted community and church announcements.

  • Communicating with pastoral care team members to inform them of specific needs with people in the congregation.

  • Covering office duties for other staff members when necessary.


Primary Objectives:

  • Obtain schedule of events from Music Program Committee with adequate lead time to successfully advertise events.

  • Post Trinity news and happenings weekly or more frequently on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat).

  • Monthly posting of Trinity’s events in Diocesan Newsletter and on Diocesan website (Concerts, Safe Church Training, etc.)

  • Keeping the Broome County Council of Churches informed about upcoming events at Trinity (Candle Chant, Epiphany Lessons & Carols, Holy Week services, etc.) and including this information in their monthly newsletter.

  • Keep track of information about pastoral needs of parishioners from staff, and pass the information along to the appropriate members of the established pastoral care team.

  • Substituting for other staff members (covering phone and other office duties)  during vacations, sick leave, etc.

Specific Responsibilities of the Job


  • Attend staff meetings once a week.

  • Communicate with Music Committee and other committees about events and programs which need to be advertised the larger community

  • Create advertising posters, brochures, tickets and other printed material.

  • Work to secure free and paid placements about upcoming events with TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc.

  • Use social media to advertise events and to follow up on events that have taken place.

  • Keep a listing of pastoral needs reported and what member of pastoral team is assigned to follow up.

  • Office coverage includes answering phone, taking messages, greeting people in office with dignity and respect, dealing confidentially with people who visit office, refer questions to the appropriate staff member or lay leader, accomplishing routine tasks that would ordinarily be done by the staff in their absence.

  • Working with outside groups who wish to use the building, ascertaining the group’s needs, finding out about their insurance, obtaining photos, names and contact information of group leadership, set up the agreement for payment (how much, when it is due and how it is paid), and forwarding this information to Priest, building use chairperson for approval and other staff members for ongoing maintenance of groups.

Job Requirements

  • Broad knowledge and experience in current social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.).

  • Good computer skills with specific knowledge in Microsoft Word and associated programs.

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