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The church is open, although the building is closed. One aspect of worship we miss is greeting each other in the name of the Lord. Let's bring that back, in a safe way, using video. We'll share your family's greeting during one of the Virtual Worship videos on Sunday morning. 

Use a smartphone, laptop... any device you have access to that can make a video. Gather the family in a nice location with plenty of light on people's faces. Indoors, outdoors, wherever you like. Keep it short and sweet: introduce everyone by name, share where you are (town, etc), perhaps share something you miss about gathering together, and end by sharing the peace of the Lord with us.


Then upload your video here:


Need some technical assistance? Please contact a member of the Trinity Tech Team:

  • Greg Keeler

  • Peter Koeppel

  • Rob Lacey

  • Rick Shumaker

Virtual passing of the peace

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