Trinity Memorial Church

44 Main Street

Binghamton, NY 13905

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© 2020 Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church


To serve Christ passionately through self, family, parish and community.


Sunday, 8:00am
Holy Eucharist,

a spoken Service

Sunday, 10:00am

Holy Eucharist, 
with music

We, at Trinity Memorial, welcome all, regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation. We love what makes you unique. Our Web site is a good starting point for getting to know us, and we hope to meet you in person!

Trinity Memorial is accessible; to enter, use the  powered glass  doors on Oak Street, right next to the Church building;  proceed straight into the "Gym". In the far right corner of the Gym is an elevator to take you to the Sanctuary level.


We welcome you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church.


We welcome all who want to share in our love of Christ, and we invite you to learn more about who we are and catch a glimpse of what the people of God are doing at Trinity Memorial, as we try to grow in the knowledge, love and service of our Lord and Savior.

Musical Services and Events

Friday, January 3, 7:30pm - First Friday Organ Music
Organ music for the New Year with organists Jonathan Denham and Timothy Smith. The program includes works of Bach, Widor, and others. Free admission; a free-will offereing will be received. 

Sunday, January 5, 4 pm - Lessons and Carols for Epiphany - presented by the Trinity Choir and the Trinity Ringers, with organist and director Timothy E. Smith.  Join us to close this glorious season with carols, readings and anthems. Prelude music begins at 3:30pm

Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020 at 7:00 pm.  – CHORAL EVENSONG offered by the Trinity Choir.  This service will focus on the Conversion and Companions of St. Paul and includes hymns, psalms and prayers as well as anthems sung by the Choir.  We hope you will plan to attend and invite a friend!

The full set of Trinity Memorial Musical Offerings is presented in a brochure which is available at Trinity Memorial Church, 44 Main Street, Binghamton, NY. For your convenience it is reproduced here.

Other Activities and Events

Trinity Lunchers:

  • On January 20, Jean Henssler will present "Tripping from Organ Loft to  Organ Loft from Lyon to Paris”", a presentation framed around her trip to France in 2014. 

  • The Trinity Lunchers meet most months on the third Monday of the month at the Spot Restaurant, Upper Front Street, Binghamton at 12:00 Noon.   

Trinity Forum:

  • On January 12, Hakan Tayga, principal cellist of the Binghamton Philharmonic, master gardener and member of Trinity, will complete our series on musicians with his reflections of the role of music in his life and what it means to him.

  • On January 19 there will be a showing of Salam Neighbor, a documentary film made in 2015 at the Za'atari refugee camp in northern Jordan for Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war. The film provides insight into the refugee experience.  When the film was made, the camp housed 85,000 people.The film runs 1 hour and 15 minutes. Because the forums generally run an hour, we will start the film a little early, and realize that some may not be able to stay until the end.  The Trinity Forum meets most Sundays at 11:30 am in the Common Room.

On January 26, 2020, we will meet for ONE service at 9:00 am, to be followed by our Annual Meeting starting at 10:00 am, and a brunch-social after the Annual Meeting.  At our Annual Meeting, several members of our congregation are offering of their time and talent for election to service in lay-leadership positions at Trinity Memorial. Please get to know the candidates!  Read more.

For some folks… Another Way to Reduce Your Taxes for Charitable Contributions:

We know that you, like most folks, would continue to give to the church regardless of the tax benefits, but there is a unique way of giving which is applicable to some of us, and perhaps the tax benefits would help you or allow you to give even more generously.  If you:

  • expect to use the standard deduction for income tax rather than itemizing deductions, which is the case for more of us with the new tax law,

  • are required to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) if you have one,

you may still be able to reduce your taxable income through qualified charitable contributions, such as those made to Trinity.  Read more.

We mourn with the families of:

  • Bill Hartrum, who died December 5, 2019

  • Nancy Howe, who  died on December 6, 2019

  • William Gorton, who died  December 7, 2019

Drieux and Peter Koeppel have moved to:

38-42 Front Street,  Apt 4K,  Binghamton, NY 13905

Thankful Reflections and Additional Activites

As we elect members of our congregation to leadership ministries, we also want to thank those who are retiring from leadership roles: Teddy Aribisala (Vestry), Sally Akel (Vestry), John Chaffee (Warden), Connie Alexander (Chair, Christian Education Commission)

On Sunday, December 8, St. Nick visited Trinity Memorial to greet guests at the Pancake Breakfast hosted by our Christian Education Commission.

Christmas Eve. 2019: Once again, a team of volunteers lead by Jeff Fellows, using flowers donated in memory of loved ones as well as decorations owned by Trinity Memorial, had transformed our sanctuary into an even more heavenly and joyful place than usual. We thank ALL of them!  See more.

On December 10, the Tuesday Group and Trinity’s Staff joined forces to offer a luncheon to our senior members and volunteersSee more.